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ok so I am asking gowan to marry me this weekend. he turns 35 on Sunday.i love him so much. i cant imagine my life without him and i dont want to. we are matched both with our similarites and also with differences that serve to compliment each other. i could go on here about this but i wont. trust me when i say that he will like this and totally go for it. i am not rushing anything. if it weren't for my schooling we would already be married if he had a say in it!his children have given me their blessing and so have our moms.

i have located the place where i want to get his ring. in fact, i have a good idea which one i want to buy.

here are some ideas that didnt work:
id love to make a scrap book of our courtship but my courseload and work haven't allowed me the time.

i thought about a dozen paper origami roses made by me with the ring in one of them but as i quickly learned its about oh a million step process. im still trying to get one right!

i thought of a midnight picnic saturday night with an old fashioned (yeah the girl doing it) plain proposal with candelight and maybe a poem but we are quite adventurous and i thought something else might be more exciting.

so here is the idea i think ill stick with:

i have decided to go with a treasure hunt theme. we had a great non-date once. we waited until brandon went to sleep and i called him. i played the Pirates of the Caribbean dvd as he listened. he had seen it twice recently so he laughed right along with me. it was so romantic to us and so much fun. he remarked recently to me that he thinks that was the night i truly fell in love with him. i do admit that something magical happened. i looked up treasure maps and confirmed that i know how to do them with the aging of the paper. what i found out is that lemon juice makes a great invisible ink. once heated it turns brown. i know this will play a part but i havent gotten the specifics down. i am thinking on whether to concentrate the hunt at the park we enjoy or to make it go to several places in town that we go often. barnes and noble was our first meeting and we also went to waffle house that night. we like ed mckays which is a used book store and the mall. the ring place is there and get this - its called silver stream. it would work on the map! i have many antigue coke bottles that i could roll the "maps or clues" up in. i could even end at the silver stream and let him pick his own ring. i plan to steal his ruffle pirate shirt on friday night when i head up to his house. saturday after brandon's practice i can get dressed up in it. so ill be all decked out when i meet him. i figured curling my hair so it stays springy coming out from a red bandana, i cant wear a patch because of my glasses but i could tuck one up on the bandana. i have large 80s gold hoops. i have bracelets and i want to pick ups a slave arm bracelet. oh i could tie the hankerchief around my neck over a collar. i have tight black slacks that i will bunch into my boots. i dont have a sword or a hook though. i could make one out of foil. i might just do that. hmmmm

any ideas would be greatly appreciated. i am excited. we met here on the journal. it is only fitting that you guys can play along. you have all seen me at my worst and my best. i barely know some of you and many of you i consider very good friends. i do care about you and this is so special to me.

what are your thoughts on all of this?
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