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Orcaestra: *tries to destroy her heart* STOP MAKING ME THIS WAY!! *wimpers, paused for a second by your touch and words, tears again, can't say the words, for it isn't right, it isn't right*
WorldWideWhoops: Let it go.. let the fear out
WorldWideWhoops: once it is gone you can fill it up with positive things
Orcaestra: IT'S NOT FEAR *cries* I was going to ask you if you'd marry me.
WorldWideWhoops: You already know I will, dear
Orcaestra: I thought you'd thought it was too early to say such things...'Tis usually the guy who 'proposes'...But...I needed to...I needed to say that.
WorldWideWhoops: It won't happen until we're both ready.. but yes, when the time comes, I will marry you, Rebecca Rubinstein. *hugs you, kisses you*
Orcaestra: *blushes like Bashful from Snow White...tears stop, looks up at you in awe, nuzzles you and then kisses you slowly and gently but the kiss grows as the emotions of the moment follow*
Orcaestra: I would be honored to be known as yours, forever. I unconditionally accept the preceding statement and I will take you as mine in this way, from now on.
WorldWideWhoops: *nods, smiling at you, kisses you*
Orcaestra: I'm sure of it, 'tis why I couldn't help but bring it up early
WorldWideWhoops: *nods* i understand
WorldWideWhoops: i knew from sometime last week that you were the woman i was going to marry
WorldWideWhoops: i didn't want to say anything because i was afraid i'd scare you
Orcaestra: I was afraid I'd scare you!
Orcaestra: From this point on, even more sure/secure/moreso now..We are one, going through everything together: School, college, parents, "stories", surgeries, everything, and anything. The distance will not break me from you ever, because I know one day I'll be in your arms, never to leave you. You're not like the others, I knew that from the day I met you, so I won't even bring up the loyalty things I usually do, never with this topic, but with the genre, but less so.
WorldWideWhoops: *nods, grinning happily*
Orcaestra: Speak to me love, tell me what you're feeling, don't be afraid to let it out, even though I'll be posting this, It'll assure all out there that we aren't doing this spur of the moment for attention, but because it's truly meant!
WorldWideWhoops: I knew, ever since about a week ago.. that someday.. after we went through colllege, and I had the money to move up there with you.. that we would get married...
WorldWideWhoops: I knew that you were the woman I was going to marry and spend my life with
Orcaestra: *In awe by it all* How did you know this?
WorldWideWhoops: I just.. had this feeling
WorldWideWhoops: the feeling that i've learned to trust
WorldWideWhoops: over the years
WorldWideWhoops: helping me go in the right direction
Orcaestra: Leading you towards me?
WorldWideWhoops: *nod*
Orcaestra: And you've found me *tearing again*
WorldWideWhoops: happy tears, I hope :-)
Orcaestra: *nods, nuzzling you* Only happy tears come from my eyes now because we are one.
WorldWideWhoops: *nods, hugs you*
WorldWideWhoops: *is crying happy tears too*
Orcaestra: *cradles you, consoling you, nuzzling you* It's alright love, It's alright now.
WorldWideWhoops: *me nods*

orcaestra and ishottheserif - Engaged 8/2/03
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