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Just sharing :)

My mate, gesundyke, and I've been dating since 7/22 and it's a LDR. I know it's only been a bit over a week, but the connection we've had since the many months we've known each other, and the connection truly growing stronger since we began to date, is amazing.

Bits and peices of my entries or full entries:
"He was right there by my side through all the conversations and through everything, being there for me all the time. Even though it's long distance, we're closer and stronger than I ever thought possible! It's official now."

"Buddy Info: WorldWideWhoops:
Warning Level 0%
Online time 20 hrs 41 minutes
Away message/Personal Profile: *curled up in bed for the night, waiting for the morning to be woken by his beautiful Orca...*"

"I then threw up the grapes I'd just eaten..They weren't as digested as I thought they'd be, hacking up chunks of grapes..Not good on yer throat! Woot for Diet Coke (less calories than Coke), a fan at your back, a room of total darkness, and your mate sticking by you even though you refuse to rest, to stay and talk with him."

"WorldWideWhoops: So what did you think of the pics I took this morning? Bear in mind that they were taken with a really shitty webcam
OrcaestralEnigma: I loved the one of you with no shirt with the lighting! They were really good, I CAN'T take pictures of myself!!
WorldWideWhoops: heh so that's why you pounced me when you saw it
WorldWideWhoops: I need to get *MY* scanner going soon... problem is, my scanner gets PMS when you try to install it
OrcaestralEnigma: And also drooled *blushes* You're drop dead gorgeous
WorldWideWhoops: so are you :-)
WorldWideWhoops: seeing those pics of you make me all warm and fuzzy inside
OrcaestralEnigma: You've said that I'm beautiful, very pretty, and drop dead gorgeous, or you've agreed that I am. I see each of those as a different level of one's physicality and since you've told me all of them, I'm not sure what you really think of me as.
WorldWideWhoops: I think you're the most beautiful woman I've ever met... who...*blushes*.... who can accomplish anything that she wants to in life if she puts her mind to it, compassionate, caring, kind, a great lover, and who is, and someone who will now and forever remain, to me, a goddess, meant to be worshipped and never taken for granted.. someone who should be cherished and appreciated for the things they do, and never mistreated.
OrcaestralEnigma: *nuzzles you, drops jaw, takes you into my arms and cradles you, kissing you and massaging your paws* Hun...that was...I'm speechless!
WorldWideWhoops: That's the truth, is what that is.. *snuggles you*"

"OrcaestralEnigma: *nuzzles you, crooning softly, wispering to you* I will always be yours..I know it's early to say this..But you're the one I want to spend the rest of my life with, this I know. I'm always here for you, my love, my Acadia, my mate *gently kisses you and runs my pecs through your fur gently*
OrcaestralEnigma: You won't die alone, love, you'll never be alone again!
WorldWideWhoops: *blushes and watches his train of thought derail*
WorldWideWhoops: I.....I don't know what to say...
WorldWideWhoops: ...so I won't say anything... .*takes you in his arms and kisses you passionately*
OrcaestralEnigma: I've said too much too soon, haven't I...
WorldWideWhoops: No, you haven't...
WorldWideWhoops: but you're right. It's too early to say that... and we've really only been together for....
WorldWideWhoops: whir.. a few days...
WorldWideWhoops: so let's take things one day at a time, love :-)
WorldWideWhoops: at least, for now.
OrcaestralEnigma: From what you'd/you've been saying, I thought you wanted it too...so I thought I'd say it to put it out in the open...I know we've only dated for a few days but I've known you for months!
WorldWideWhoops: I do want that... but
WorldWideWhoops: it's early :-)
WorldWideWhoops: we both have college... if we take things one day at a time to start with
WorldWideWhoops: it gives us less to have our minds on in the future
OrcaestralEnigma: I don't want to lose you once college starts...*wimpers*
WorldWideWhoops: you won't
WorldWideWhoops: believe me, you won't
WorldWideWhoops: there could never be anyone here that I would love...
WorldWideWhoops: you're the only one for me, my love
OrcaestralEnigma: *nods, nuzzles you* I'm just scared...
WorldWideWhoops: you have nothing to be scared of
OrcaestralEnigma: You hear the stories on TV about people falling in love with each other and wanting to marry after only a few days or the first date, and I seriously feel that with you
WorldWideWhoops: I'm.... speechless...
WorldWideWhoops: *snugs*
OrcaestralEnigma: *nuzzles you* I want you to be the one, I want to make your dreams come true, and I don't want to lose you. Since you're not sure..I'm scared that I'll lose you down the road and I won't get to be what I wanted, for you.
WorldWideWhoops: I'm sure I want to be with you here.... always
WorldWideWhoops: you won't lose me
WorldWideWhoops: I could never find someone who makes me feel the way you do
WorldWideWhoops: I *love* -you-, Rebecca... only -you- and always -you-
OrcaestralEnigma: I didn't want to make you say it, I wanted you to truly mean it...."Here" = While we're alive?
OrcaestralEnigma: *nods, tearing, kisses you gently, taking you in my arms and holding you*
WorldWideWhoops: *Nods* Since I don't know for sure what's going to happen after I die.. I can't say.. but if there's one thing I truely hope for is that I'll get to spend my life with you in the summerlands
WorldWideWhoops: the life after this one, I mean
OrcaestralEnigma: I'm sorry I'm bringing up all these...So that's what the pain in my chest's been the last few days..It's been my heart..You said you feel pain without me...and I was feeling pain..In my heart...'tis why I was unable to sleep, because I didn't have you, but now I know I will.
WorldWideWhoops: *nods*
WorldWideWhoops: if it comes back, find a pillow to hug, close your eyes, and picture me with you
WorldWideWhoops: that'll take it away
OrcaestralEnigma: I love you, I love you so much, I can't help but say all that I've said just now and I'm sorry if I'm rushing it, but I feel it and want it so strongly. I love you so much that I'm scared of losing you. You're exactly who I want and who I will want until I have you in my arms to hold, to never have to part from you. I know you don't want to rush things, but I feel you seem unsure, and I don't want to seem like I'm making you say certian things because I'm honestly not *sighs* I'm sorry m'love *smacks brain for making me a true hopeless romantic of a mush*
WorldWideWhoops: shhh... *holds you, stokes your hair back, and kisses you*... a time will come when we will be together... and we will be together until the end of days
OrcaestralEnigma: I'm not asking for a proposition or a ring...But a promise *hopes that doesn't sound like too much*....*wimpers, nuzzles you, leans back against you as you hold me* I'm sorry..You see...god's getting me for this..He's giving me bad cramps..Evil bastard :E
WorldWideWhoops: then don't ask for anything... in your heart, you know I'll always be faithful to you.
WorldWideWhoops: you already know this, I can feel it
WorldWideWhoops: you just can't make your mind believe what your heart already knows
OrcaestralEnigma: I'm so scared of losing the one I truly love and couldn't live without, I'm having chest pain again...
WorldWideWhoops: calm down...
OrcaestralEnigma: My heart knows it...*smacks my mind*
WorldWideWhoops: Rebecca... I'm not going to lose you... You're not going to lose me.
WorldWideWhoops: I'm so madly in love with you.. you're in my thoughts, my dreams, my heart, my soul....
WorldWideWhoops: the very core of my being
WorldWideWhoops: *lays with you and holds you close, whispering in your ear*
WorldWideWhoops: ow bird claws ow ow ow oww ow bird claws pain on bair shoulders ow bird claws
WorldWideWhoops: silly parrot... sorry :P
OrcaestralEnigma: *picks up the bird off of yeh*
WorldWideWhoops: you've never seen my parrot have you?
WorldWideWhoops: 'want a pic? :-)
OrcaestralEnigma: *nods, nuzzling you, curls up against you, crying* I know how and what you feel and I feel the same, but when I feel so deeply I can't help but fear that my dream won't be lived..with the one I want to be with
OrcaestralEnigma: Sure
WorldWideWhoops: Rebecca... I promise you.... we will be together
WorldWideWhoops: you are my world
WorldWideWhoops: without you, my world collapses
WorldWideWhoops: you are my reason for living
WorldWideWhoops: to find you, love you, and be with you until our days on this earth are up
OrcaestralEnigma: *wimpers, nuzzling you, blushing, tearing, and crying* My Acadia, forever!
WorldWideWhoops: *holds you, crying too* My Orca... forever!"

“Chris’ away message this past morning: *sleeping, holding his precious orca close to him , taking comfort in the fact that neither of us will ever be alone again.. for we have the bond of love running deep between us.. and this... this can never be broken*
Me: *gawk, blush * “
I would've posted the entry links but my LJ's friends only due to my parents finding it (they didn't know I had one), and reading it numerous times.

Just thought I'd share!

Mate survey:

*If you're filling out this survey, than you must have a bf/gf, what is their name? Chris

*How long have you been seeing each other? Since the 23rd of July!

*Do you love them? (and I mean love, not any of this lust crap) More than anything else in the world.

*Why or why not? He's truly beautiful (yes guys can be beautiful!!), smart, funny, kind, caring, supportive, trusting, willing, compassionate, understanding, he can relate to me like no other!... everything I could ever ask for in a mate.

*What initially attracted you to that person? We'd been good friends for a while... we just kinda came together...

*Is there anything that you dislike about them? Not a thing.

*Anything that annoys you? When I can't talk to him. The thing that annoys me about where he is in FL is that his cell doesn't work in his house! >_> Yeh need to get out FL, love!

*If you could change one thing about them, what would it be and why? Where he lived. So we could be closer. :-)

*Do you guys have any special songs, movies, anything sentimental? I love it when he's sang for me, and he wasn't making a "fool of himself". I loved it Chris, it brought tears to my eyes. Every monent is also special to us.

*Is it a long-distance relationship? Yes. But the distance will be gone one day. For now, it makes our love for each other stronger.

*If so, than what is the hardest thing about being in one (other than the distance)? Not being able to jump into bed and snuggle him for hours... hold her, kiss him all over, fall asleep in him arms late at night....

*If not than what is your favourite thing to do together? Anything we do together is fun.

*Okay, I already asked what the worst thing about them is, now what is the best? The best thing about her is that she's my mate, and we love each other.

*Who asked who out? If I remember correctly (the days are meshing together), we kinda realized we loved each other at the same time, and went from there-- so I guess you could say we both asked each other out.

*Was it a mutual liking, or did one person have the the crush? It was mutual.

*Did you know that it's proven that one person in the relationship is always more in love with the other person? I think you'd be hard-pressed to figure out which one of us it is. We love each other equally and unconditionally.

*Does that make sense? Sort of.

*Have you done anything romantic for them? I haven't yet, I was thinking of playing Beethoven's Romance for him on my violin over the phone once I get through the piece, or singing for him once I get some choral repetoire this coming year.

*Have they for you? He's sung for me; "Imagine" (by John Lenon) and his own special version of “You are my sunshine”.

*What do you look for in a potential mate and does your current possess any of those qualities? Good looking, has emotions, supportive, funny, smart, caring, compassionate.. Chris goes above and beyond, possessing thie and so much more...

*What is their best feature? (personality and physically) His openness.. and his mind and heart.

*Their worst? He hasn't any. He's perfect, to me :-)

*What would their answers be if the previous two were about you? Our answers are the same, I just changed the tenses from "she" to "he" and/or added stuff of my own. It's not becuase I can't come up with things to say on my own, it's because he already said them for me, though many things between us, can't be put into words.

*Any closing words? I'll love you forever, Chris. :-)

Chris' survey answers

I’m sorry for the long entry, I tried to include everything at once and put cuts behind everything lengthy.
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